Why people buy (it's not what you think)

I saw a great tweet on sales earlier this week.

Here it is:

It reminded me of a foundational sales concept that I want to share with you.

That is, your job as a person who sells things actually isn't selling things.

Instead, it's guiding people on the path to selling that thing to themselves.

This is why pushy sales tactics tend to be ineffective or only moderately effective, while understated campaigns tend to get better results.

People who work at Rolex boutiques don't need to hard sell you because their brand reputation has basically already made the sale.

People who sell high-ROI professional services don't need to hard sell you because their case studies have already proven that the offer works.

Two conclusions come from this:

  • When having sales interactions, think of yourself as more a guide and educator than a salesperson

  • Optimize all the things about your offer that aren't sales (for example, getting a few really good case studies) instead of trying to sell harder

This advice is perhaps counter-intuitive, but some of the best marketers in the world swear by it.