The "platitude trap"

It’s funny…

One of the most common platitudes you see online is that you attract what you are. So, if you’re kind, you’ll attract kind people, and if you’re unpleasant, you’ll attract unpleasant people, etc.

The funny part is that content creators will post this platitude, but they won’t realize that their content is attracting the type of followers that you basically can’t monetize. 

Think about it. If you post extremely basic content, you’re not attracting smart people with money who will want to buy a relatively expensive product or service from you. Instead, you’re attracting dopamine addicts who want to read pretty words on social media but never want to take action.

I noticed this with viral tweets I was having late last year. They’d get thousands of engagements, I’d pick up hundreds of followers, but when I clicked on the analytics for my newsletter plug in the tweet below, it would only have 20 clicks. I was confused at the time, but now it’s abundantly clear.

My brand is about writing and marketing. If I write a fluffy tweet like:

“I don’t chase.

I attract.”

I’m attracting engagement from people who like useless content like that. So, when I plug my newsletter, which teaches marketing, almost nobody who’s engaging with the tweet wants to join because that’s not what they’re looking for.

When selling products or high-ticket services, it’s even worse. If you’re struggling to get platitude junkies on an email list, you’re going to struggle 10x more trying to get them to pay you. That’s why you have to be careful about the content you create and the followers that come from it.

Low-quality, generic content attracts low-quality, non-buying followers.

High-quality, unique content attracts high-quality, buying followers.

That’s why it’s so important to decide exactly what you want out of your brand.

If it’s long-term success, you need a long-term content strategy.

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