The 8 Elements Of A Great Offer

Let’s start with a definition. “Offer” is a general term that applies to what you’re selling and how you pitch it. It can be anything from a wristwatch to SEO services. No matter what it is, you have an audience (the people who might buy) and an offer (what you’re selling them).

Here are my top 8 elements for them:

  1. A Painful Problem - Though plenty of businesses succeed without really solving a problem, it’s almost always easier when you do solve one. The more pain your audience feels, the more they crave a solution, and the better you’ll sell.

  2. An Effective & Unique Solution - Of course, your solution also has to be effective, and optimally, it should be unique too. Communicate both of these to significantly raise your conversion rates.

  3. Storytelling - Typical marketing is boring. Telling stories isn’t, as they draw readers in much better. Some stories you can tell are yours, ones from clients/customers, and a more indirect one about your readers.

  4. Objections Addressed - In the beginning, make informed guesses about what your audience’s objections will be, and then address them. Later, when you’ve received objections, revise your strategy to address those.

  5. Reduction Or Elimination Of Risk - Offering some sort of satisfaction guarantee is generally a good idea, though it doesn’t fit some products and services.

  6. Proof - This might be the most powerful element of all. It’s proving that your solution works. Examples of proof include your results, client/customer results, and testimonials.

  7. Scarcity - You always want your customer to buy today rather than later. Finding a way to introduce scarcity helps you do that.

  8. A Strong CTA - Finally, you want to ask your audience to do what you want them to do. A strong call to action is crucial. Create one.

Though weaving an offer together will always be difficult, knowing the crucial elements of one puts you ahead of most marketers. Now, you can use this framework to either create an offer from scratch or improve the one you have already. 

Either way, I wish you good luck.

Enjoy your weekend.

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