Are you still doing cold outreach?

Most freelancers and agency owners start with cold outreach.

This is where you can hustle your way into getting clients without having any reputation or authority.

It's essential for 99% of beginners, but once you get farther in the game, it's best to branch out.

Some examples:

  • Referrals - Satisfied current clients leads to more clients because entrepreneurs know each other and often recommend their favorite service providers. You can even incentivize this by offering a cash bonus or a week of free service.

  • Content - Creating your own content or appearing in other people's content is another good one. Examples of this include writing a blog that comes up on search engines, building a social media page, and going on podcasts.

  • Network - When you're well-connected, people drop clients in your lap. Two of the last four clients I've booked have been recommendations from people in my network. I did zero work finding these prospects, and all I did was pay a small bonus out to the recommender.

There are two actionable tips here. The first is delivering really good work to your clients and perhaps incentivizing referrals from them. The second is getting involved in some sort of entrepreneurial community, which will eventually lead you to recommendations, creating your own content, and appearing on other people's content.

In my opinion, if you're still doing a ton of cold outreach after years in the game, you're playing the game wrong. Do outreach to build your foundation, then put time into channels that build slower but eventually pay massive dividends.