3 ways to hook a reader 🎣

A "hook" is something you put at the start of your writing that generates interest.

This applies to email subject lines, sales pages, advertisements, and many social media posts.

Here are my three favorite kinds:

  1. Asking a question

  2. Making a bold claim

  3. Citing a shocking statistic

And here's an example of each in an email marketing context:

  • A subject line that reads, "Are you ready?" to hype up a product launch

  • A freelancing/agency offers that guarantees to 10x a key metric, or the client gets their money back

  • A financial planner that targets athletes starting their sales page with the famous stat that 80% of players go broke after retirement

You can also combine these. For example, you might write, "Did you know that {fill in shocking statistic}?" 

The better your hook, the more people will read your entire offer.

The more people who read your entire offer, the more sales you'll get.

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