Why *Everyone* Should Publish Online

A lot of people hold off on publishing their writing because they’re focused on freelancing or their career.

Starting with selling a service is 100% fine.

That's how I did it, but if I could go back and do things differently, I'd start tweeting at the very beginning instead of after a few years.

There are two reasons why... 

  1. Social media accounts, blogs, and podcasts act as resumes, even if they don't directly make you any money. Put yourself in the shoes of a client. You're choosing between two service providers. One of them is just a person in your inbox wanting to work for you. The other is a person in your inbox who also has tons of content created about their expertise, which show off what they know and make then unique. Everything else being equal, you're choosing the one that publishes. This applies to employers and employees too, by the way.

  2. Cold outreach and applying for jobs is a pain in the ass. It's necessary for beginners, but it's definitely not fun. Creating content the right way means interacting with people in some sort of online community. When you do that, you start to make connections and build a reputation, which makes selling your service a lot easier.

My point here is that even if you have no plans to sell a product, it's still worth it to join a social media niche and start creating. This long-term move might only take up a couple hours a week, but after a while, it'll pay insane dividends.

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